Don't Dwell LP - 12" Translucent Baby Blue Vinyl

Don't Dwell LP - 12" Translucent Baby Blue Vinyl


A beautiful 12" version of Don't Dwell. Pressed on translucent baby blue vinyl, this record is guaranteed to cure a hangover, and make you irresistible to prospective partners.

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Bring It On Home To Me

“Don’t Dwell makes for the most hearty of summer soundtracks, bathing in all the intricacies of the season, from gleeful, jubilant expanses that appear like great stretches of open road, to the more restrained moments that take on far more imposing and stifling shapes. Equally inspired by the classic rock of a now-departed age, it makes for a riotous and righteous trip; the kind of record that slowly digs away at you until you find yourself transported to the world it so faithfully depicts. “ - Gold Flake Paint

“Star Parks is that new band you may not have heard of, but after listening to their debut album, it’s one you’ll not soon forget. The album is chock full of dreamy guitar hooks, warm melodies and thoughtful songwriting that give it a nostalgic feel right after the first listen. It’s tough to put your finger on it, but Star Parks’ sound lands somewhere between Harry Nilsson, Leonard Cohen and Dr. Dog.” - Tribeza Magazine

“It's a spacey chamber pop track with a mellow Americana streak, and it will probably instantly bring to mind certain singer/songwriters of the late-‘60s and early-‘70s; there seems to be a bit of Nilsson and Newman in ‘Theoretical Girls,’ and maybe a touch of Chris Bell, too. However, the woozily comfortable song feels familiar and mysterious, evocative of a past era but casting a new spell each time you play it.” - Under the Radar


released May 13, 2016

All songs written and produced by Andy Bianculli