Don't Dwell LP - Digital Download

Don't Dwell LP - Digital Download


“This often-brilliant record feels like the summer’s ultimate calling-card" – Gold Flake Paint 

"Erudite chamber pop that hearkens back to the elegant and experimental production of the 1960s, swinging from melancholia to playfulness" – Bandcamp 

"Refined, meticulous arrangements drift effortlessly along, expanding and contracting as instruments and harmonies float in and out of this cycle of pop gems." – Austin Monthly 

"Evocative of a past era but casting a new spell each time you play it" – Under the Radar Magazine 

"Immediately familiar but still new and deeply absorbing" – The Wild Honey Pie 

"Mega hit Sounding" – Impose Magazine 

"A cresting, melancholic adventure" – Nerdist 

"I like this, my Mum would like this, you probably like this. What's not to like?" – The 405

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